Alterante 1.0Beta Build 2015081301

Organize, protect, and access all your files on all of your computers and devices.

Organize, protect, and access all your files on all of your computers and devices.

Alterante puts all your files on all your devices at your fingertips. You don't need to remember where files are located, and you don't need to upload your files into the cloud to access them from any of your devices.


* Convenience: One universal app, for all your files on all your devices.

* Privacy: Keep your files on your devices. Access them remotely via end-to-end encrypted channel.

* Speed: Blazing-fast search. Find & access any file in seconds.

Organize & Find your files faster

* Indexes all your files from all your drives, emails, chats, etc.

* Easy to find any file, using keyword search and recommendations made by Alterante.

* All your files are automatically indexed by filetype, date range, and other attributes.

* Open any Office or PDF document, right from your mobile device, save it locally or in a cloud drive.

* Add custom tags to group your files for quicker access.

Instant access to all your files

* Access all your files from any remote location.

* Save files to your mobile device for offline access (Docs, etc. Photos will be stored in Photo Gallery).

* Watch large videos via streaming (no downloading required)

* Launch a presentation, video, play a song, or open a photo on another computer


* Backup your files between your computers automatically, using free space available

* Backup your mobile photos to your computer via WIFI

* Keep a backup of your photos on Amazon Cloud Drive for extra offsite backup

* Universal file manager : Instantly access to all your files on all your devices (computers, phones, tablets).

* Privacy by design: Self-hosted personal cloud, that runs on your devices, and uses your storage.

* Uses End-to-end encryption for secure file transfer between your devices.



Alterante 1.0Beta Build 2015081301